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Industrial Cleaning Agent

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Product details

This product is a neutral water-based high-efficiency detergent compounded with biological surfactant produced naturally by microorganisms. It can effectively reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water, quickly and safely dissolve and remove all kinds of oil stains and dirts on metals, especially on non-ferrous metals. It is rich in various biological active ingredients and can be degraded naturally, and is safe to human body and the environment.


main   components:

biosurfactant,   bio-enzyme, nonionic surfactant, refined water


liquid,   little precipitation


fermented   smell





water   solubility:

mutually   soluble with water in any ratio

deoiling   rate:




surface   tension(25℃):

≤35   mN/m

alkalinity(by   Na2O):


temperature   resistance:


hard   water stability:

mean   stability 3grade



1. lower surface tension and interfacial tension

Bio-cleaning agents are usually huger and more complex than chemical synthetic detergents in chemical structure. They have more active groups, can better attach to oil-water interface and improve oil-water interface properties. Therefore, they are more effective in reducing oil/water interfacial tension, which makes oil pollution cleaning easier and more effective.

2. excellent emulsifying property

Emulsifying property is the ability of two or more kinds of incompatible liquid (such as oil and water) to evenly disperse into emulsion, which is another important application performance index of oil cleaning agent. The bio-cleaning agent contains a mixture of glycolipid with various components, which has more diverse structure and stronger affinity to the oil/water interface. Therefore, it can improve the solubility of oil droplets in water and stabilize the emulsified phase. For liquid paraffin, diesel oil and toluene, the 24-hour emulsifying capacity of bio-cleaning agent is more than 90%, especially for 0# diesel oil, the 96-hour emulsifying capacity is still more than 75%. Excellent emulsifying performance can remove the oil more thorough and lasting.

3.  adaptability to extreme conditions

Bio-cleaning agent can still maintain its surface activity at 90℃ and does not settle or precipitate in 10% salt solution, while chemical synthetic oil detergent will be inactivated in 2-3% salt solution, so the application scope of bio-cleaning agent is wider, and it is less limited by temperature and salinity.

4.  biochemical degradability

Bio-cleaning agent is easy to degrade in water or soil. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not pollute the environment.

5. no toxicity

Bio-cleaning agent is made by fermentation, purification and refinement of natural microorganism strains using modern biotechnology technology. It can effectively remove all kinds of oil dirts, and has higher safety and biodegradability, reaching the actual non-toxic level.


This product is suitable for the thorough cleaning of all kinds of oil, diesel oil, butter, lipid and other oil contaminants on metal surface, and is used to replace various hydrocarbon cleaning agents. It can effectively remove oil contamination from heavy machinery, machining, repair plant, oil transmission station and other equipment or mechanical parts, without corrosing metal surface.

1. It is suitable for the thorough cleaning of machine oil and diesel contamination in the processing of metal, non-metal and non-ferrous metal parts, especially for the removal of oil contamination in the pretreatment of parts. It can effectively increase the surface adhesion in the post-treatment;

2. It is suitable for the removal of "yellow robe" of mechanical equipment, especially for the removal of grease on the surface of large vehicles, armour, tanks, etc;

3. It is suitable for the cleaning of grease on firearm surface.


This product can be sprayed, brushed, wiped, soaked and ultrasonically cleaned:

method one: for large-scale equipment, according to the degree of stain, it is diluted 3-5 times with water, heavy oil scales can be directly wiped after soaking in the stock solution.

method two: for small parts, it is diluted with 5-10 times water, soaked or sprayed, then rinsed with clean water.


This product is mild and does not require safety protective equipment when working. If it touches skin or splashes into eyes carelessly, please rinse with plenty of water. Severe discomfort requires medical treatment.

Package, storage and transportation

①  The specifications are 25 kg in barrels or packed according to user's requirements.

②  Storage temperature should not be lower than -10℃ or higher than 40℃. Do not expose to sunshine or rain. At different temperatures, the product viscosity will be different, which belongs to the normal phenomenon and does not affect the use effect.

③  There may be a little precipitation, solid suspension or a little gas overflow in the package of this product, which is normal and does not affect the use effect.

④  The shelf life of this product is 24 months.

After-sale Service

The product is 100% authentically made in our factory.

Before the product is issued, it has been strictly tested and confirmed. Please sign the goods after inspection. If the package is severely deformed, opened and damaged, please reject it and contact us in time. We will react immediately after receiving your request. If there are any quality problems, we will take full responsibility. Quick response and satisfactory solution are the core of our service. The after-sale service will be strictly carried out in full scale, and the customers can enjoy the shopping without worries.